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Feb 24, 2022

Amanda Sweet is the founder of The ReVamp and was recently appointed Miss Voluptuous Michigan MS. She's a beautiful soul who loves to give back to her community, uplift women and genuinely find purpose in all things. She talks about building confidence, finding new paths and creating meaningful connections. 


Feb 17, 2022

Deanna is now thriving after surviving years of human trafficking, the loss of her husband, and having to start over in business multiple times. She started the Label Free Podcast to help empower other individuals to live their best life, without a label too. This former executive turned fashion designer is now an...

Feb 10, 2022

Lisa Staff is looking at the world through a new lens after her divorce and leaving the Mormon church. She's always ran businesses, but in partnership with her ex-husband for 30 years. She successfully re-branded her photography business and co-founded, Sprout Connectors, with a new partner in business and love. They...

Feb 3, 2022

Erica Wiederlight is the the CEO mama bear behind 'We The Light.' She's developed a coaching business over many years that helps individuals who feel broken, inadequate and shamed around their sexuality to reclaim their aliveness, sexual power, and a renewed relationship to pleasure while preparing them to feel hella...