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May 25, 2023

Emma Goldman was one of the most influential figures of the early 20th century. In this first part of a two-parter, we're diving deep into Emma Goldman's life, unearthing the defining moments and rebellious spirit that shaped her into a force to be reckoned with. Emma came from humble beginnings in Kovno, Lithuania. She went from innocent young girl to a formidable advocate for anarchism and women's rights.

We discuss Emma's radicalization, exploring the transformative impact of witnessing the struggles of factory workers, the profound impact of her exposure to radical thinkers and activists, and the powerful experiences that fueled her passionate advocacy for social justice.

We follow Emma's migration to America, where she encountered a world of contradictions and staggering inequality. Immerse yourself in her involvement in the labor movement, her electrifying speeches that challenged the status quo, and her relentless fight for the rights of the oppressed.

Emma led fearless campaigns for reproductive rights, tireless efforts to challenge societal norms, and unapologetic championing of freedom of expression.

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