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Dec 21, 2023

It's Christmastime, so we're talking about the iconic, Donna Reed. She played Mary Bailey (the wife) in the timeless classic, "It's a Wonderful Life." 

As a natural born beauty she was quickly identified by Hollywood producers and started appearing in films at just 20 years old. During World War II, she quickly became a leading lady in Hollywood. She was typecast into playing the "girl next door" and tried to break this image that was crafted for her by taking on a character who was a sex worker. Unfortunately, she didn't break free of her typecasting, but she did win an Academy Award. 

She ultimately decided to play by her own rules and create her own sitcom called, "The Donna Reed Show." Her and her husband at the time produced it and she starred in it. It was a sleeper hit, but eventually was nominated and won awards. 

Beyond the screen, Donna became a peace activist during the Vietnam War, co-chairing the anti-war group, Another Mother for Peace. Uncover the personal struggles she faced, including a divorce and her battle with pancreatic cancer, all while maintaining her grace and resilience.

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