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Nov 24, 2022

Marci Marie is openly and honestly sharing her real-life jail experience with a continuously growing audience on TikTok. Her videos are light-hearted, yet still deliver some major truth bombs. She was seemingly living a "normal" life before she got caught skimming a little money off the top from her place of employment. After serving about 11 years of jail time she made it back home to her five children, but not without a ton of changes. Now, Marci is gaining popularity on social media because she creates entertaining content with a purpose. She's hoping to educate people about what it's really like in jail and advocate for those who may not have the resources they need. 

Please support the following organizations in their missions to transform justice and simply provide the bare necessitities to inmates. 

Texas Statewide Leadership Council

Lioness: Justice Impacted Women's Alliance

Christmas in White

Contact Marci:

IG: @marcimarie114

TikTok: @marcimarie114

IG: @homance_chronicles

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