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Oct 6, 2022

Fight, Flight, Fawn...Fornicate... wait, what? Danny addresses all of the ways that humans react to different situations and emotions. Danny is best known for using groundbreaking psychological techniques to help his clients move on from painful past trauma, boost confidence, conquer self-expression, and achieve their dreams.

With millions of people failed by traditional talking therapy, Danny wanted to find the most powerful treatment techniques to help someone struggling with traumatic memories, and he turned to a neurosurgeon specializing in psychology, a master hypnotist, and a world-renowned cognitive therapist for help.

In under a year, he went from unhappy, overweight, and single, to calm, confident, enjoying a loving relationship (with the woman who's now his wife), doing a job he loves, and thriving in all areas of life.

Danny has authored multiple books, including 'Accelerated Trauma Resolution', the step-by-step guide to overcoming trauma.

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