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Dec 31, 2020

Keira Poulsen is an intuitive energetic healer, business coach and mom of 5 children! She broke up with the Mormon religion and got into a relationship with spirituality. Working with The Divine allows her to have a more fulfilling and successful life.  She's offering you a FREE Alter Work Class to help you find your...

Dec 24, 2020

Naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist Jannine Krause from The Health Fix podcast helps empower us to go back to basics with our health. She talks about her hippie roots, seeing her mom go through cancer and just how bad diet culture really is. We dig into sleep, supplements, and how to stop...

Dec 17, 2020

Liyah Jae from Adult Card Podcast gives us the inside scoop on what it's like to be in your early 20's in 2020. We talk about college students' disregard for the 'Rona, interracial dating while there's a racist president and how to make the most out of a poorly planned date. 

IG: @adultcard


Dec 10, 2020

Maz is an inspirational author, blogger, YouTuber and self-development coach. After a history of abuse, drug addiction, weight gain and trauma she turned her life around and now mentors people around the world to uncover and remove their self-limiting beliefs and self-destructive thoughts.

I Deserve...

Dec 3, 2020

AJ Marks and Megan Sola-Guinto are two American musicians studying in England who are extremely talented and hilarious and showcasing the obvious cultural differences on their podcast, American Idiots Abroad. On this episode, we talk British slang, new music and unique ways of getting out of bad sex situations.